Studio Glimpse

I came across these photos this week and I just realized that I never shared them with you here. My friend Kristin of visited my studio a few months back and shot these photos of me at work. I was honored that she interviewed me for her blog which you can check out here. And while you’re at it, check out the amazing clothes she makes! She creates well-made, beautiful and sustainable clothes made in Colorado.

I absolutely love my studio, and it is my sanctuary. It is located in an old soda factory that was repurposed into artist studios a few years ago. Kristin’s photos offer a nice glimpse into my space and how I paint.

Art of the State 2016

One of my favorite paintings, “Ultramarine Gloaming” was selected to be a part of the Art of the State exhibition at the Arvada Center in Arvada, CO. I’m thrilled to exhibit alongside such wonderful artists. The show displays a great mixture of art from around the state of Colorado. On the Arvada Center’s website there’s a photo gallery of all of the work that will be featured. I loved browsing through all of the images! You can check that gallery out here. More details on the exhibition here.

I dwell in Possibility

It’s not always easy as an artist for find new inspirations. I feel it’s something I constantly have to be seeking to continually push myself forward as an artist. I recently came across the poem posted below and it sparked some new inspiration for me. I hope it will do the same for you too!

I dwell in Possibility
by Emily Dickinson

I dwell in Possibility – 
A fairer House than Prose – 
More numerous of Windows – 
Superior – for Doors – 

Of Chambers as the Cedars – 
Impregnable of eye – 
And for an everlasting Roof 
The Gambrels of the Sky – 

Of Visitors – the fairest – 
For Occupation – This – 
The spreading wide my narrow Hands 
To gather Paradise –

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