Artist Statement

In this hectic, fast-paced world, I search for simple moments of peace. I am infinitely intrigued by the idea of being away from it all, lost in a place of hopeful tranquility. For this reason, I am inspired to paint surreal skies viewed at higher elevations. I envision the viewer in a more peaceful dreamlike setting, away from worries and anxieties to a landscape of brilliance and promise. My paintings are places of my imagination. I find my work the most honest and authentic when I create from a feeling or an image in my mind’s eye.

Many of my paintings contain building thunderheads viewed at higher atmospheric levels, surreal and fortress-like. My work embodies the concept of “castles in the sky,” or striving toward the impossible. The clouds have sharp edges similar to the harsh exteriors of castles, yet they still evoke a certain cloudy softness and luminescence. I’m captivated by the idea of attempting the impossible because I believe anything is truly possible. It is through my paintings I wish to pass on to the viewer a moment of hope, serenity and meditation..


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